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Expert Computer Service & Computer Support From Our Stores in Orange Park and Jacksonville, FL

Are you fed up with mediocre computer support in the Orange Park or Jacksonville, FL area? Tired of computer stores that don't have what you need?

Do you often deal with computer support techs who:

  • Don't return your phone calls?
  • Miss critical deadlines?
  • Don't show up on time?
  • Don't fix things right the first time?
  • Never follow through on work you've asked for?

If you're a business owner in the Orange Park or Jacksonville, FL area, you deserve better!

My name is Pat Farrell, owner of Farrell Technology, and I think it's time businesses stopped putting up with mediocre computer service in Jacksonville, FL! I constantly hear horror stories from business owners about the unreliability and outright arrogance of the computer support people they have to deal with.

If you've ever been treated like your business doesn't matter by computer service personnel who call themselves professionals, then you need to call Farrell Technology!

For over 10 years, we've been repairing business computers and safe-guarding our clients' networks, without all the hassles you'll find from computer stores or other computer support companies.

Our experienced computer service technicians fix problems right the first time. And we back our work with a solid money-back guarantee! If we can't fix your problem, we won't take your money. It's just that simple!

So if you're looking for reliable, professional computer support for your network, we invite you to give us a try.

We can help with:

  • Network Support - We'll keep your network safe from outside intruders, viruses, spyware and much more.
  • Computer Repair - We offer expert computer and laptop repair, so your employees can keep working and stay productive.
  • Data Recovery / Backup - We can setup and monitor your backup systems so you're never in danger of losing critical data. And we can help with data recovery of your existing systems too!
  • Computer Service & Server Upgrades - Don't rely on computer stores to help you find what you need. We can upgrade your network to the latest technology.
  • And much, much more...

All for less than the cost of a full-time IT staff.

If you aren't happy with your current computer support in the Jacksonville or Orange Park, FL area,
contact Farrell Technology today.

I personally guarantee you'll be glad you did!


Patrick Farrell
Owner, Farrell Technology
Address: 4545 Wesconnett Boulevard, Jacksonville, FL 32210
Phone: (904) 388-6166
Farrell Technology provides expert computer and laptop repair as well as data recovery services to small and medium sized
businesses. We also provide computer support services at our computer stores in Orange Park and Jacksonville, FL.