Backup / Data Recovery in Orange Park and Jacksonville, FL

Helping customers keep their data safe in Orange Park and Jacksonville, FL

Your data is the heart and soul of your business. What would happen to your business if all your data was lost? How long would you be able to stay in business without your customer lists, detailed sales data, documents, emails and everything else you store on your servers?

Do you have a data recovery plan in place in case the unthinkable happens? Even if you have a backup plan in place, it may not be enough. Tape backups are often unreliable at best and most are unable to provide complete data recovery.

To secure your critical business data, you need a rock-solid system you can count on. A data recovery system that can have you back up and running in hours, not days, weeks or even months. A system that stores data offsite in case a fire, flood or other disaster affects your business location.

At Farrell Technology we're the experts on data recovery in Jacksonville and Orange Park, FL. We offer complete backup and disaster recovery solutions for businesses in the local area. We can develop a solid plan for your business that includes:
  • Fast Data Recovery
  • Security Solutions for Email
  • Secure Offsite Backup
  • Business Continuity Planning

Don't hope that your backup systems are working. Know it! Contact Farrell Technology today to find out more about our rock-solid backup solutions.
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Farrell Technology provides expert computer and laptop repair as well as data recovery services to small and medium sized
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