Other Computer Services in Orange Park
and Jacksonville, FL

IT Consulting

Would you like to have the benefits of a full-time IT staff without the expense of additional employees? Farrell Technology can be your trusted computer support partner for all your IT support needs in the Orange Park and Jacksonville, FL area.

We'll analyze your current networking infrastructure and offer advice on how to improve it and provide better security for your systems and critical data. We'll offer solutions to keep your computers up and running, prevent viruses and malware from compromising your systems, allowing you to run your business without worrying about computer issues.

Let our expert IT consultants show you how easy managing technology can really be. Contact Farrell Technology for a no obligation consultation today.

Managed Services

How would it feel to KNOW what you will spend on computer support and technology services for the whole year? No surprises, no unexpected breakdowns or expenses. Just peace of mind, knowing that your systems will be up and running, your network will be secure and problems will be fixed before they become problems at all.

That's the power of a managed services plan from Farrell Technology!

Our managed services program allows you to budget for computer services and technology expenses BEFORE you need them and keeps everything running smoothly month after month.

We'll monitor your critical systems, install patches and update software automatically so you won't have to worry about them. We'll repair minor problems remotely, so they never become major issues. And we'll monitor your network's health 24/7 to help you avoid untimely crashes and data loss.

Interested? Contact Farrell Technology today to find out how our managed services program could save you money and give you the peace of mind to do what you do best!
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Farrell Technology provides expert computer and laptop repair as well as data recovery services to small and medium sized
businesses. We also provide computer support services at our computer stores in Orange Park and Jacksonville, FL.